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The Women Of Arrowverse Get Honest About Pushing For Inclusion In The Industry — And In The Fandom

It doesn’t take superpowers to change the world for the better. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to have super speed or assassin-level fighting skills or a sonic scream or a magical amulet to help kick some ass, but that only happens on TV. When it comes to…
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‘The Flash’ and ‘Riverdale’ Stars Detail Suffering Racist Backlash

The CW stars Candice Patton and Ashleigh Murray have opened up about racist backlash they’ve suffered for their portrayals of traditionally white comic book characters on The Flash and Riverdale.“For me, Iris West was traditionally white in the comic books. So, you know, comic book fans are […]
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The Incredible Way Candice Patton Is Using Her Voice to Inspire Young Women


If you watch The Flash, then you’re probably familiar with the talented Candice Patton. While the 29-year-old is known for her fierce onscreen persona, Iris
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What Candice Patton Loves Most About Barry and Iris’s Relationship on The Flash: “They’re Destiny”

The CW is full of inspiring leading ladies, and The Flash’s Iris West-Allen is no different. While we can’t get enough of her relationship with Barry Allen
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