Candice Patton and Grant Gustin are talking #WestAllen and we are squealing over it


Candice Patton and Grant Gustin JustJared Jr




Week 1 (June 1-9) “Affirmations are for Candice”- Candice loves those Tiny Buddha and inspirational life quotes so let’s use this week to send her positive affirmations and inspiration quotes to brighten her day. It could be a quote you saw and thought of her, or you could share a quote, affirmation or self help book that inspired you.

Week 2 (June 10-16) “Pets are for Candice”- Candice loves her little Zozo, and once said that if people would send her more cute pictures of their pets, maybe she might be on social media more often. So let’s do that! Send her pictures of your cute pets, or your neighbor’s if you don’t have pets, or even art/collages photo edits of her dog Zoe. We know Zoe had surgery recently so well wishes would probably be appreciated as well.

Week 3 (June 17-23) “Art is for Candice”- All you creative types, this includes fan art, video edits, music playlists, poetry, photography, and any other art medium you can think of. You want to create special birthday cocktail for Candice? Cooking is art! Really be creative. Only thing I ask is if it’s not your art, please credit the artist. 😉

Birth Day June 24 “I am for Candice” – This is just for one day, Candice’s birthday, and it’s you wishing Candice Happy birthday on her special day. She has fans from all around the world, and I’m sure would love to hear from you on her special day

Week 4 “Appreciation is for Candice” Finally, use these last few days in June to tell Candice how much you appreciate her, what she’s meant to you as a role model, as Iris West, as a co-founder of Shethoriy, etc.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to promote this birthday event, please let me know. And please spread the word that #JuneIsForCandice! @candicanesunited  @ladieswgumption




‘Flash’ Season 4: Is ‘Mystery Waitress’ Barry and Iris Daughter? | TVLine

The Flash’s Mystery Waitress (or, as listed in scripts, “Mystery Girl”) has served up nothing by questions since she first appeared in the wedding portion of this season’s crossover event. And she will continue to do so a short while longer.
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