Fan Expo Vancouver 2016: The Flash Panel with Candice Patton and Tom Cavanagh

Pop Goes The World

At their Fan Expo Vancouver 2016 panel, Candice Patton and Tom Cavanagh discussed all things The Flash and shared some behind the scenes stories.

One such story is the Flash himself, Grant Gustin, is quite the prankster on set and loves to run into things and pretend that he is really hurt. A lot of time Patton falls for it and is greatly concern for Gustin but then gets all pissed when she realizes that he was only joking.

Cavanagh was asked which version of Harrison Wells that he has enjoyed playing and he responded that he loves playing all of them. In fact, audiences didn’t see that several Wells audition scenes were left on the cutting room floor. As for the current Wells, HR Wells, this version is meant to added comedy to the show whereas the previous two Wells we’ve seen more more antagonistic. But Cavanagh did defend Harry saying that…

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